Want to be the next Dickie?  There are Bingo Caller job listings out there on the Internet, so if you're looking for a gig, practice your "B-15"s and "0-7"s.  


According to simplyhired.com,  the average salary for a Bingo Caller in Boston, MA is $18,000/year.  What would the job be like?  Well, besides constant exposure to Bingo - and what could be better than that? - being a Bingo Caller means that you could potentially work anywhere, including on a cruise ship.  A good Bingo Caller takes control of constantly keeping the crowd entertained, so he or she should be outgoing and energetic with an excellent stage presence and a sense of humor.


Dickie certainly incurs much wrath in chat when players are not getting the numbers they are looking for, so a good Bingo Caller should ALSO have a thick skin.  


What makes a good Bingo Caller to you?  

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More signs:

  • You have an internal soundtrack of the Bingo Zone theme music that plays at important moments in your life. (Land that job you've been wanting? DAH DA DAH DAH...")
  • Game Intermissions fill you with panic - When will the Bingo Zone be back?!
  • You changed your name so that your initials are "DBB."

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If you record yourself singing the Bingo Zone Booster Club theme song and send it to us at members@gamesville.com, we will be so excited that we will award you 25,000 GV Rewards.  Just like that!

But it gets better.  If we choose your rendition of the Bingo Zone Booster Club song as our favorite, we will give you 500,000 GV Rewards.  If we choose you as a runner-up, we'll give you 250,000 GV Rewards.

Oh, and if you send us a video?  We'll double the offer.  So, tune up those vocal chords and get singing!

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Today the Bingo Zone was officially unveiled to the public!  The following press release was issued to the media.  Thanks for all of you who have played so far! 


Bingo Zone®, one of the web’s longest-running free bingo games, now features all-new design and real cash prizes

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 23, 2008 — Lycos, Inc., a leading provider of social publishing, media and search services, today announced "the cash is back" in a new version of an old favorite with the all-new Bingo Zone® on Gamesville.com, one of the web's premier destinations for casual, massively multi-player online games and game shows. Now in its 12th year, Gamesville is one of the web's friendliest online communities, where users meet and compete to win real cash prizes, for free.

Bingo Zone was the first game launched by Gamesville in 1996, and the web's first "free bingo game for real cash prizes." Bingo Zone uses essentially the same rules as ordinary bingo. Because Bingo Zone is advertiser-supported, it is always free to play, yet pays winners real cash. Prizes start at $1 and increase by $1 periodically until someone wins. Games last roughly six minutes, followed by a brief commercial break, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On its opening day, more than 20 percent of Gamesville members played the new Bingo Zone.

"Bingo Zone was 'casual games' before that term ever existed," said Christopher Cummings, senior product manager for Gamesville. "A truly social online experience, Bingo Zone combines the interactivity of a game show with the popularity of social networking and the community spirit and joy that comes when friends and family win real cash."

In addition to progressive cash prizes, the new Bingo Zone now includes:

  • Fresh design with larger cards and clearer patterns for enhanced readability
  • Unique bonus game, "Dickie's Bonus Balls," played via in-game chat
  • Ability for players to select their own daubers
  • Timed commercial breaks featuring both video and display ads
Over the years, Gamesville introduced other popular games with larger jackpot prizes, like Magic 21 and Three-Eyed Bingo. However, players are particularly excited to see the Bingo Zone make its triumphant return with smaller cash prizes and a whole new look. "I love the new Bingo Zone. Thanks for bringing back our old friend, better than ever!" comments ecstatic player Fran1442 in the Gamesville Blog.

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  • You realize you are spending more time talking to Dickie than your own family members.
  • You decide to not only name your dog "Bingo," but your newborn.
  • There are only 5 letters in your alphabet.
  • When people ask where you're from, you name the room in which you most often can be found on the Bingo Zone, rather than your home town.

Do you have any to add?

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TBS offers some fun ways to incorporate bingo into your television-viewing with these bingo cards for shows like "The Office,"  "Friends," and "Family Guy."  Simply print out the card and daub the buzzwords when you hear them on the show, and shout "Bingo!" when you get five in a row.  (Of course, it seems like more fun to play with friends, but I guess you could play by yourself.)

Political Debate Bingo is also quite timely right now with nominees finally in place for this year's presidential election. It's pretty funny (or disturbing, depending on how you look at it).


Any other funny takes on bingo you've seen? 



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You can still get your electronic bingo fix in sunny California!  Although the machines had been deemed illegal and were set to be removed from establishments all over the state, a current ruling has them staying put ... for now.


Many charities use bingo machines for funding and filed a lawsuit to keep them from being removed.  A U.S. federal judge issued a temporary restraining order, disallowing the removal of the bingo machines while the lawsuit is pending.  There will be a hearing regarding this matter on June 25.


So the world - er, California - remains safe once more for bingo!  Do you ever play bingo on electronic machines?


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Want to make a Bingo-themed appetizer?  Check out this recipe for Oysters Bingo (credited to Ship's Cabin Restaurant in Norfolk, VA.


  • 1 oz butter or vegetables
  • 6 fresh oysters
  • 1 c flour (seasoned with salt and pepper)
  • 1 tb oyster juice
  • 1 tb white whine
  • 1 tb shallots
  • 1 tb lemon juice

          1. Lightly bread 6 oysters and saute on one side until golden brown; and then saute the other side until it is also golden brown.

    2. Remove oysters from pan. Turn off heat and add the wine, oyster juice, lemon juice, and shallots to the butter that the oysters.

    3. This will make a creamy sauce to pour over the oysters.

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An IMDB search displays 12 movies named "Bingo."  Are any of these movies actually about Bingo?  Let's find out.

1991's "Bingo" is about a runaway circus dog who befriends a young boy who has trouble fitting in.  

Meanwhile, the 1974 Canadian flick called - you guessed it - "Bingo" is about a photographer engaged in a terrorist plot.

Most frighteningly, 1998's "Bingo" features a young man psychologically brutalized by circus characters into believing he is a clown.  Yikes!

The other "Bingo" movies are French comedies, Yugoslavian short films, and depict gigoloism as a means of making one's way through architecture school.  

Lesson learned: Just because a movie is called "Bingo," do not expect a movie about .... Bingo. 

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While you can (and should!) buy a tee-shirt, mug, or bag from our special Bingo Zone store, you may be looking to truly class up your wardrobe.  Might we suggest adorning yourself with some Bingo-themed charms?  A quick browse through Amazon.com reveals lovely trinkets such as this Bingo card charm and this cool "I Love Bingo" Sterling Silver pendant.  This could be an excellent gift idea for any Bingo lovers in your social circle.

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