Want to be the next Dickie?  There are Bingo Caller job listings out there on the Internet, so if you're looking for a gig, practice your "B-15"s and "0-7"s.  


According to simplyhired.com,  the average salary for a Bingo Caller in Boston, MA is $18,000/year.  What would the job be like?  Well, besides constant exposure to Bingo - and what could be better than that? - being a Bingo Caller means that you could potentially work anywhere, including on a cruise ship.  A good Bingo Caller takes control of constantly keeping the crowd entertained, so he or she should be outgoing and energetic with an excellent stage presence and a sense of humor.


Dickie certainly incurs much wrath in chat when players are not getting the numbers they are looking for, so a good Bingo Caller should ALSO have a thick skin.  


What makes a good Bingo Caller to you?  

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You can still get your electronic bingo fix in sunny California!  Although the machines had been deemed illegal and were set to be removed from establishments all over the state, a current ruling has them staying put ... for now.


Many charities use bingo machines for funding and filed a lawsuit to keep them from being removed.  A U.S. federal judge issued a temporary restraining order, disallowing the removal of the bingo machines while the lawsuit is pending.  There will be a hearing regarding this matter on June 25.


So the world - er, California - remains safe once more for bingo!  Do you ever play bingo on electronic machines?


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