An IMDB search displays 12 movies named "Bingo."  Are any of these movies actually about Bingo?  Let's find out.

1991's "Bingo" is about a runaway circus dog who befriends a young boy who has trouble fitting in.  

Meanwhile, the 1974 Canadian flick called - you guessed it - "Bingo" is about a photographer engaged in a terrorist plot.

Most frighteningly, 1998's "Bingo" features a young man psychologically brutalized by circus characters into believing he is a clown.  Yikes!

The other "Bingo" movies are French comedies, Yugoslavian short films, and depict gigoloism as a means of making one's way through architecture school.  

Lesson learned: Just because a movie is called "Bingo," do not expect a movie about .... Bingo. 

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Have you visited Lycos Cinema yet?  You can invite friends to watch a movie and chat during the movie.  And what better movie for the Bingo Zone Boosters to screen than "Bingo the Documentary"?

"Bingo the Documentary" offers a look at the wide world of Bingo - from drag queens to welfare recipients.  Filmmaker John Jeffcoat films on location through the US, Europe, and even a cruise ship.  Check out this take on the Bingo culture and let us know what you think!


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