Today the Bingo Zone was officially unveiled to the public!  The following press release was issued to the media.  Thanks for all of you who have played so far! 


Bingo Zone®, one of the web’s longest-running free bingo games, now features all-new design and real cash prizes

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 23, 2008 — Lycos, Inc., a leading provider of social publishing, media and search services, today announced "the cash is back" in a new version of an old favorite with the all-new Bingo Zone® on, one of the web's premier destinations for casual, massively multi-player online games and game shows. Now in its 12th year, Gamesville is one of the web's friendliest online communities, where users meet and compete to win real cash prizes, for free.

Bingo Zone was the first game launched by Gamesville in 1996, and the web's first "free bingo game for real cash prizes." Bingo Zone uses essentially the same rules as ordinary bingo. Because Bingo Zone is advertiser-supported, it is always free to play, yet pays winners real cash. Prizes start at $1 and increase by $1 periodically until someone wins. Games last roughly six minutes, followed by a brief commercial break, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On its opening day, more than 20 percent of Gamesville members played the new Bingo Zone.

"Bingo Zone was 'casual games' before that term ever existed," said Christopher Cummings, senior product manager for Gamesville. "A truly social online experience, Bingo Zone combines the interactivity of a game show with the popularity of social networking and the community spirit and joy that comes when friends and family win real cash."

In addition to progressive cash prizes, the new Bingo Zone now includes:

  • Fresh design with larger cards and clearer patterns for enhanced readability
  • Unique bonus game, "Dickie's Bonus Balls," played via in-game chat
  • Ability for players to select their own daubers
  • Timed commercial breaks featuring both video and display ads
Over the years, Gamesville introduced other popular games with larger jackpot prizes, like Magic 21 and Three-Eyed Bingo. However, players are particularly excited to see the Bingo Zone make its triumphant return with smaller cash prizes and a whole new look. "I love the new Bingo Zone. Thanks for bringing back our old friend, better than ever!" comments ecstatic player Fran1442 in the Gamesville Blog.

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